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How roofing panels are made

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When you ever noticed the difference between a traditional, heavy roof and a new metal, lightweight roof up on a house you drive by, did you ever think about how this metal roof was manufactured?

Well, the answer is nearby, by viewing the short explanation of Metrotile’s sustainable manufacturing process of our metal roofing panels.

The production process consists of 4 departments: metal department, paint department, processing line and storage facility.

metal-departmentMetal department

The metal department is the place, where the Aluzinc® (or equivalent) coils are cut and pressed into the different panel forms or folded and cut into spare parts.

Paint departementpaint-department

The paint department guarantees that the quality of the paint produced in accordance with a unique recipe remains guaranteed. The processing line consists of the painting line, the granulating line, the top coating line and the kiln.

Production processingproduction-processing

Metrotile Europe NV is proud to announce that their processing machinery is one of the most sophisticated in the branch. An excellent technical team develops the machines with the intent of being able to guarantee the quantity and quality. A lot of investment has been made into the automation of the machinery in the last years with the known result and a large investment is also made every year for new machines, better production techniques, etc…

Metrotile laboproduction-labo

Metrotile Europe NV makes high requirements to its quality control and such demands are applied very strictly in order to make and keep the customers highly satisfied.

Metrotile warehousemetrotile-warehouse

Metrotile Europe NV guarantees a fast delivery and that is the reason why the standard products are sold ex-stock so that the orders can be prepared quickly, packed with the utmost of care and dully shipped.